Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Opportunist (Love me with lies #1)

I finished this book a while ago but it has taken me a while to review, because i moved straight onto book two without taking a break.

This book is by an American author called Tarryn Fisher, i am not 100% sure just how many books are in this series but book two is called "Dirty Red (love me with lies #2)" so i am hoping there will soon be more to follow.

The minute i started reading this book i felt connected with Olivia. She's a woman who refuses to let people get close and will let them go and forget them before they are too close.... that is apart from one..... Caleb.

"Okay," he said matter-of-factly "then what will it take?" He was leaning so close to me, I could feel his breath on my face. It smelled like peppermint. I held my breath and tried to gain control of my racing heart.
And then a brilliant thought.
"Miss it"

This book has something to make you want to keep on reading in every chapter. Olivia asks Caleb to miss a winning shot in the dying minutes in order to take her on a date..... It was after reading the above paragraph i knew Olivia would be an all time favourite character of mine. There is something in every chapter to make you fall for Caleb or feel for Olivia, and there is something in every paragraph to leave you wanting more. Will Caleb miss the shot and get his time with Olivia, or will he think of another way to encourage Olivia to pay attention to him.

The thing about this book is, you read something that at the time it makes no sense at all. A few chapters later a piece of the puzzle is put into place and you find yourself going back and re reading the original bit you were confused by, only to find yourself feeling for Olivia or Caleb. When reading this book i felt like the whole thing was not happening to Olivia it was happening to me. It was an emotional roller coaster and the end was a complete shock.

Tarryn Fisher has an AMAZING gift of being able to describe peoples feelings, personalities and features. Being able to make you dislike a character when the story is being told in a first person, is not something that is easily done but Tarryn has done a great job.

"You can only give your heart away once, after that everything else will chase your first love"

This quote sums up the book perfectly, and the book will leave you wanting more come the end.The good news is the 2nd book is out now "dirty red (love me with lies #2)" and both are available to buy via kindle in USA and UK and i would highly recommend it.

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