Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Opportunist (Love me with lies #1)

I finished this book a while ago but it has taken me a while to review, because i moved straight onto book two without taking a break.

This book is by an American author called Tarryn Fisher, i am not 100% sure just how many books are in this series but book two is called "Dirty Red (love me with lies #2)" so i am hoping there will soon be more to follow.

The minute i started reading this book i felt connected with Olivia. She's a woman who refuses to let people get close and will let them go and forget them before they are too close.... that is apart from one..... Caleb.

"Okay," he said matter-of-factly "then what will it take?" He was leaning so close to me, I could feel his breath on my face. It smelled like peppermint. I held my breath and tried to gain control of my racing heart.
And then a brilliant thought.
"Miss it"

This book has something to make you want to keep on reading in every chapter. Olivia asks Caleb to miss a winning shot in the dying minutes in order to take her on a date..... It was after reading the above paragraph i knew Olivia would be an all time favourite character of mine. There is something in every chapter to make you fall for Caleb or feel for Olivia, and there is something in every paragraph to leave you wanting more. Will Caleb miss the shot and get his time with Olivia, or will he think of another way to encourage Olivia to pay attention to him.

The thing about this book is, you read something that at the time it makes no sense at all. A few chapters later a piece of the puzzle is put into place and you find yourself going back and re reading the original bit you were confused by, only to find yourself feeling for Olivia or Caleb. When reading this book i felt like the whole thing was not happening to Olivia it was happening to me. It was an emotional roller coaster and the end was a complete shock.

Tarryn Fisher has an AMAZING gift of being able to describe peoples feelings, personalities and features. Being able to make you dislike a character when the story is being told in a first person, is not something that is easily done but Tarryn has done a great job.

"You can only give your heart away once, after that everything else will chase your first love"

This quote sums up the book perfectly, and the book will leave you wanting more come the end.The good news is the 2nd book is out now "dirty red (love me with lies #2)" and both are available to buy via kindle in USA and UK and i would highly recommend it.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Down to You by M.Leighton

My second book read in 2013 is Down to you by M.Leighton. I'll be 100% honest and admit it took me quite a while to get into this book, but once i did it was difficult to put down. However, One girl, two brothers, how will she choose? (i certainly couldnt)

Imagine being out on a hen party and being guilt tripped by your best friend, the bride to be, to help the hired stripper remove his clothes. You start removing his t shirt when theres a knock at the door and there standing in the doorway is the ACTUAL stripper. The man who's t shirt you were removing was actually the night club owner!!!!!!

"What do you mean he'll be entertaining us?" she asks, turning her confused eyes on me.
I don't answer her right away. I know she'll figure it out soon enough.
She looks over at Jason trying to piece together what just happened.
"Now, which of you beautiful women is the bride-to-be?" Jason asks.
I see it the instant understanding dawns. Her eyes widen again and, even in the low light i see her cheeks turn red.

This book is told from 3 different points of view Cash, the bad boy club owner, Nash the trainee lawyer and Olivia the woman torn between the two. It soon becomes clear to Olivia that both men cant resist her but, which one will she choose? OR...... does she even have to make a decision after the shocking secret Cash reveals meaning Olivia's love triangle never actually was a triangle.

After having her heart broken by many bad boys Olivia made a pact to herself to never get involved with a bad boy again, ever. The problem she faces is no matter how much she tries to resist Cash the cockey, smart arse, omigod effing hot, tattooed, bad boy biker, there's something pulling her back.

 “You’ve never ridden a motorcycle before?”
“What kind of bad-boy girlfriend are you?” I ask in mock dismay.
“Evidently a terrible one.”
I swing onto the bike…
“Nah, you just haven’t met the right bad-boy.”

Nash on the other hand, is everything Olivia ever wanted in a man, incredibly handsome, charming, intelligent, successful and grounded. Just one slight problem and one major problem. The slight problem? Nash is Cash's twin brother..... yes identical twin. The major problem? Nash is dating Olivia's spoilt, snobby, snide, cousin and house mate Merissa.

I know we shouldn't be holding hands as though we are on a date, but i cant bring myself to pull my fingers free. This will be over all too soon;m I'm going to enjoy every last second of it while i can. Tomorrow, reality returns. Along with it, Marissa.

I have to say the teaser from book 2 at the end is looks very interesting, and i will definitely be downloading it. Because although it took me a while to get stuck into this one, once i did i was unable to put it down and i totally felt for Olivia having to choose between the brothers, as they are so much alike in so many ways, yet so different at the same time.

Definitley worth a read, and dont give up because it will take a while to feel the full effects of this book.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Like lots of you out there i have decided to set myself a new years resolution. Not one that is going to test my patience, or make me stressed, its not even going to deprive me of anything! My new years resolution was to read, read, read, then read some more. By setting up this blog it means i HAVE to stick to that resolution and share my thoughts and opinions from the books i read.

I've always enjoyed reading but after having my 2 beautiful babies i just forgot all about my love for books and let my life revolve around them and the hubby. That was until earlier this year when that phase "50 shades" starting popping up all over my face book home screen, "you must read this book" "OMG I'm in love with Christian Gray" "I need to find me my own Christian Gray" (and that is just some of the status' i remember reading. So i bit the bullet and low and behold my love for reading came back in a flash.

I'm not going to lie when i finished the final book of 50 shades i wondered what on earth i was going to do without the controlling Mr Gray there every night to keep me company, until i couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and drifted off into a dream world filled with a domineering so and so who had a thing about whips and handcuffs. That was until i found a book called "This man" by Jodie Ellen Malpas.

Jodie chose to self publish this book and i am so glad she did. I was hooked from the very start, the characters dragged me in, and i started to fall for Jesse the same way i fell for a certain Mr Gray ( I know i didn't think it could be possible either!)

The book is centred around a young interior designer (Ava) and a multi millionaire (Jesse) who hires her to redesign the rooms contained in the extension which has just been built onto what is known as the "mansion" Ava gets involved with Jesse only to discover a hidden secret and the "real" meaning behind the manor and its uses. This book made me feel many different emotions from laughing out loud to screaming "DON'T DO IT!"

"Oh i love this track lets dance!" she screeches pulling me towards the dance floor.
"Kate there's no one on the dance floor!" i complain. There's almost no one in the bar either.
"who cares?" she argues, stumbling towards the music, taking me with her. "We'll go after this.....Oh!" she clatters to the ground, dragging me with her on a yelp "Sorry!" she laughs.
We both lay sprawled on our backs across the floor, giggling and looking up at the dim lights of the bar. I would be embarrassed..... if i wasn't so tipsy. What must we look like? Neither one of us makes any rushed attempt to scramble to our feet.
"Do you think the bouncers will come and help us" i splutter over my laughter.
Kate wipes a tear from her eye "I don't know shall we yell?" she reaches over for my arm to support her body up to a sitting position. "Oh Shit!" she curses and her tone alters considerably, from mischievous to serious.

That is just a snippet of one part of the book which had me laughing out loud for ages. It reminded me of times i had experienced with many of my friends on a night out, running around on a dance floor thinking we were Pamella Anderson whenever the Baywatch song came on (god knows what we must have looked like! I am just glad no one ever filmed us, because my life would no longer be worth living), but after laughing out loud i suddenly got a completely different feeling once i realised why Ava's best friend Kate had started cursing.

Anyone who enjoyed reading 50 shades and like me fell hook, line, and sinker for Mr Gray i totally recommend this book. The sequel is due out on January 19th 2013. My advice is not to read this book too fast unless u have the second book to hand, as once i reached the end of this book and hit the unexpected turn i was heart broken and i STILL have no idea what is going to happen next and i have to wait 2 more weeks to find out!

"You and Me" He says "Let's not fight it anymore" and on a sharp swift of his hips he thrusts upwards, filling me to the absolute hilt, slamming his hand back onto the wall beside my head with a roar.
"GOD!" i scream.
"No, baby that's me" he strains between powerful thrusts, pushing me further up the tiled wall. "Feels good doesn't it?"
I claw at him trying to get some grip, but the pounding water at his back is making it impossible to hold him.
"Yes!" i throw my head back, panting and crazy with pleasure, as with each hard strike he pushes me further towards absolute ecstasy. I feel his lips close around my exposed throat, the water making them skim and slide all over my flaming skin.

"This man" is available to download to kindle/kindle app via amazon. It is well worth the £1.93 and will not disappoint.